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    WHAT’S YOUR energy & blood sugar SCORE?

    Use this questionnaire to rate your current health, with 1 being you strongly disagree with the statement and 5 being you strongly agree. Indicate your rating by electing the corresponding fields. Your final score is the sum total of each question's score (rating).

    I often feel too tired to exercise

    I often over-react to stress

    I have less energy than I used to

    I still feel tired 20 minutes after waking

    I need tea, coffee, a cigarette or something sweet to get me going in the morning

    I often crave chocolate, sweet foods, bread, cereal or pasta

    I often have energy slumps during the day or after meals

    I often crave something sweet or coffee after meals

    I often have mood swings or difficulty concentrating

    I get dizzy or irritable if I go 4-6 hrs without food

    I am gaining weight and/or finding it harder to lose weight